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Retired Ladies


It seems like only yesterday I flew up to Canada to pick up my first Coton Colby. She was so cute and tiny. Little did I know that when I got her home she would take over the entire household and embed herself in our hearts for eternity.

Colby was a wonderful, carefree mother who produced some wonderful Coton de Tulear who are now bringing great joy to their families. Colby has gone on to live the life of a matriarch and must personally go on all car rides.

We just love her to death and I still think she's one of the cutest things on the planet.



Aspen came to us from France and she's always been a little more "delicate" and elegant than the rest of the Cotons. The other girls are true western, sturdy stock, cold weather dogs. But Aspen prefers warmth and comfort. Aspen has our best structure and she did retain some elusive Coton color.

Aspen lives the high life of retirement and loves her car rides with Colby. She loves her house and thinks it's her responsibility to tell the horses what to do.



Sierra Sarah Sue was born to our very first litter with Colby and Boulder. I had waited and waited for my very first little girl and Sierra exceeded all my expectations.

She had the best Coton puppies ever. Each litter was better than the last. We're blessed to have her babies still with us to continue her beautiful legacy.




Retired Males

Butter Boo

Butter sort of ended up staying with us and he's my best bud always at my feet and by my side. He is the sweetest thing in the world and my BFF.

Butter is the son of Rocky and Colby and father of beautiful Cheyenne. Once Tanner came along I figured it was a good time to retire Mr. Butter. Now his only job is to patrol the yard and let us know when the peacocks are crossing the driveway.