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Coton Nutrition

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General rules; No grocery store bought dog foods, No wheat or corn gluten or starch, No toxic foods (listed) below, nothing that is made in China (USA or Canadian made only), no table scraps (Cotons can eat proper people food but it should be made for them not given to them from your plate), no poultry skin, no chemicals, no artificial sweetener.

Watch the amount of protein you're giving your Coton. Total protein of food should be under 28%. I like to mix proteins such as chicken with fish, or turkey with buffalo, etc. Eggs are an excellent source of food for your Coton and we designate Sundays for a breakfast of scrambled eggs with vegetables.

Veggies to add to the diet are green beans, greens such as kale/chard/spinach, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes.

Fruits they may like are blueberries, banana, apples and berries. Watch the acid levels when giving fruits.

Our Feeding Protocol

1/3-1/2 cup premium dry food (kibble) given twice a day. Currently we're using Great Life Salmon with Great Life Buffalo.

1 ts. regular plain Greek yogurt (not low or fat free and not flavored)

Drop of 100% Salmon or fish oil

Probiotics (Total Biotics or human grade)

Digestive Enzymes (Total Zymes or human grade enzymes)

Nuvet daily vitamin


Puppies: They get the same feeding protocol but are given a premium puppy food. Puppies should stay on puppy food only until they're about 4-5 months of age when they should switch to adult food. You should feed puppies 3 times a day until they're 3-4 months of age when you can begin feeding twice daily.


Approved Foods

The Dog Food Advisor Best Dog Foods listed January 2015:

     Dry Food-Grain and grain-less

     Wet/Canned Food


Awaiting the Whole Dog Journal's Approved Foods for 2015


Healthy Dog Snacks


Toxic Foods

Keep these items away from your new puppy and any dog at all times.



Onions                     Leeks                      Shallots

Chives                     Garlic                      Chocolate

Raisins                    Grapes                    Bread Dough

Gum                         Paint Balls             Macadamia Nuts

Xylitol                    Avocado                Poultry Skin/animal fat



Over the Counter Medications:




All Medications:

In general do not give any medications unless approved by your Veterinarian. If your dog does ingest a medication call your Vet immediately.



I am not a big fan of any chemicals or poisons being used on the yard or in households


Mouse Bait              Rat Bait             Mole Bait

Snail Bait                  Antifreeze       Herbicides

Pesticides                Fertilizer