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Our Males



Cotonnerie Rocky Mountain High


Boulder is our #1 studmuffin and to this day I've not seen a male Coton de Tulear as spectacular as our Rocky Mountain High. His head is exquisite, his coat is huge and fluffy and he's the sweetest thing ever. He did very well in the show ring having earned his championship plus winning a Best in Show on his final appearance of his show career. That certainly was a thrilling moment for both of us. He's very happy in our new home and now has more room to get away from all the youngsters. He's a wonderful representation of our breed.


Old Snowmass Cotons Sierra Winter Sunset

Tanner is Sierra's boy and he's the happiest boy ever. He's a light male with a very nice coat and happy disposition. It's a joy to have this boy around. He's the first boy we kept fof our own breedings and we're so glad he's here. He gets along with everyone and is up for any "fun" activity. He's happy with whatever is going on and he keeps the horses around here in line.

Harvey Duke aka Dukey

Old Snowmass Cotons Harvest Moon

Harvey Duke was a singleton litter of Sierra's. He turned out so wonderful we decided he must stay with us. Dukey is a small, all white male. Dukey is just a sweet sweet soul who looks up to his older brother and grandfather. We loves to play with the younger girls and he loves car rides. He's a true delight and yet another wonderful representation of our beloved breed.




Tia Cotons Hot Toddy

I had been searching for a new male for our girls for over a year. And finally we found Tyler in Washington at Tia Cotons. He really fits the bill of what I was looking for. He has black and white markings, a BIG coat and his build is very straight and solid. He had his first litter in 2014, the Funny Bunny litter and all puppies were gorgeous with wonderful coats.




Co-owned Male


Cotonnerie Kenosha Cowboy

 Remy lives in Delta, Colorado, just 45 minutes down the road from us. He lives at Glenn Meadow Cotons and he's produced some awesome "mink" and tri-colored puppies for both Laura and I. Remy is the sweetest boy, and loves his toys, He carries a toy around at all times. Remy's color has faded to almost white so you'd never know he was once a dark colored puppy.