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The Story of Cupid and Romeo


Happy Birthday Cupid & Romeo!



Brothers Cupid & Romeo celebrate their 1st Birthday January 31, 2013. They were born in Snowmass, Colorado, to Cheyenne Rose and Rocky Mountain High. Cupid was born first at 12:07pm Romeo followed at 1:55pm. These little darlings were bred by Kris Forke of Old Snowmass Cotons. Kris and Mama Cheyenne did a wonderful job delivering two healthy happy boys. Kris did a wonderful job of properly pre-spoiling them with love and only the best yummy food, car rides, kisses, tummy rubs, and wonderful days playing with their Coton family in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Preparing them for the day when Cupid & Romeo would leave the Old Snowmass Cotons and start a new exciting life.


It just so happened that far away in Houston, TX there lived 2 very old Coton brothers, Baxter & Kemah that lived with my husband and me. They came to us as rescues. We spoiled them and gave them lots of unconditional love. However, Baxter & Kemah grew old and very ill and the day came without warning for them to leave us to “cross over the Rainbow Bridge”. With broken hearts and tears we called Hailey Parker in March for her help and she pulled all the stops and introduced us to “The ACC’s Coton Fairy- God Mothers”, Kelly, Karen, Barbara, and Connie who all started searching together to help us find our wish for 2 baby brothers. And that’s how we met Kris Forke.


After weeks and weeks we finally convinced Kris that we were that deserving family she was searching for that would love and cherish Cupid & Romeo forever. So in April we drove from Houston to Snowmass to pick up our babies. It was love at first sight when we held them. We met beautiful Cheyenne Rose and handsome Rocky Mountain High and spent time with Kris talking about the puppies. We have become lifelong friends and even though she sent us home with an encyclopedia for the puppies we still email and talk to her on the phone all the time.


There is nothing more wonderful than Cupid & Romeo’s kisses, soft hair, playfulness, strength, and their unconditional love. We are delighted with their sparkling personalities, their “dragon fights”, and all the goofy games they make up. Their unique use of their lovely yet sturdy tails is so unusual – they use them for ’holding hands’ when running out the door, wrestling around, or for dragging each other across the floor. They have turned our house upside down. They love the Siamese cat, Sun Tzu, and the Maltese, Dyna. Just imagine the racket when Cupid and Romeo grab Dyna by the tail and run out the door. And that crazy cat plays ball with them and waits for them to chase him around the house! It gets pretty noisy around our house but at the end of the day they all sleep peacefully together. We’re so happy to be celebrating their 1st Birthday we wanted to share it with all of you and thank each and every one of you that we have come to know on “CotonTales” and connected with on LinkedIn.   Let’s blow out the candles and have some Birthday Cake!


Submitted by Lori Buonanno & GW Biscamp




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