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Our Females



Old Snowmass Cotons Cheyennne Rose

 Cheyenne is Aspen's daughter and has inherited her mother's good looks. She's 4 years old and still acts like a puppy playing with all the younger dogs and keeping them in line. She loves to cuddle and loves nothing better than to sit on my lap for hours. She is a wonderful mother, loves to tend to her puppies and never leaves their side. She's simply a joy to have around and we love her to death.  


Old Snowmass Cotons Spring Sunshine

Pippa is Sierra and Remy's daughter. I hadn't planned on keeping Pippa aka Daffodil (her litter name) but the longer I kept her the more beautiful she became. I'm so glad she's still here because she's just beautiful. And Miss Pippa is a spitfire and way more intelligent than I. She likes attention and will pester the other dogs into playing with her. She's very active and finds things I never knew I had lost. Leave it to Pippa to either cause a problem or solve it. Her first litter should be in spring 2013, stay tuned.  


Old Snowmass Cotons Molly's Unsinkable Legacy

 Hunter's mama is our Molly and daddy is Harvey Duke. Hunter Hannah is our youngest and smallest girl but you wouldn't know it by her personality. She and Pippa are BFF's one minute and competitors the next. Both want to be better than the other, typical girls. She can get over any obstacle and jump up onto our counter stools. She would do really well in agility. She is a sweetheart and I know she'll make an exceptional Mom.